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Description: (This is a custom clip and I can make one for you too! Just email me at [email protected] or send me a DM) Setting, I think that area with the leather sofa. You're wearing a skirt and top, no panties of course. You're a pet sitter and this is the first time that you've pet sit for this family but you came highly recommended because of your way with dogs. ) At the sofa you're just flipping through a magazine. The dog seems to be sad, and skittish because he misses his owners. But you have a special way with dogs that no one else seems to be able to duplicate. Awww come here boy, that's a good boy. I know that you miss your owners but we're going to be great friends you'll see. Emma has a special treat for you would you like to see? You open up your legs and show the dog your pussy. Go on boy smell my sweet scent. Yes that's it its wet and sweet isn't it? You like Emma's pussy don't you? Oh yes, what a big tongue you have. Oh my you are a fast learner. You gently push the dogs head into your pussy. Moans follow You then get on the floor with the dog Mmmm come here boy I can feel how stressed you are. You stroke the dog. Getting under him you begin to suck the cock. Ok boy I see that you are ready for your special treat. We'll be good friends after this special treat. Every doggy who I've pet sat before loves my special treats. Let me get out of this top and skirt so I don't get dirty.. You get on all fours and he licks your pussy more. Oh what a good boy you are, you catch on to this game quickly. Go on boy you know what to do. The dog mounts you doggy style. Then followed by it being on top of you, legs spread. Oh you're such a good boy yes you are Oh! Look at that you knotted me the first time we're going to be such good friends aren't we. The dog finishes with a creampie. More praises about what a good boy he is. Now we're going to be such good friends. Come on boy let's go get us both some thing to eat. You get up and walk away implying that he's following you. The End.
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